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Nov 2, 2012 5:00pm PDT
neglected. >> it is a disaster! they forgot about us! >>pam: residents pleading with government officials. >> we are going to die if we got killed with the weather. we are going to die. we are going to freeze! we got a 90 year-old people! >>pam: the storm surge pushed those hundreds of yards and lint. entire homes or swept off their foundations half of new york's city's 40 fatalities died here. two of them were young boys who were riding in their s u v. their mother told that the flood waters rick from her arms of owner of this house refused to let him and. >> get out of here! >>pam: the man was a lushly hostile to reporters but tonight the woman's story. >> so you did not see the woman with the two children? >> absolutely not. >> this is miles and of rows of food for marathon runners. brigham one controversy put to rest today as mayor michael blumberg says that they cancelled the works. on the decision came after they found food lights and generators working in central park. the untouched resources turned into a public-relations nightmare as desperate yorkers turn to fire hydrants and du
Oct 30, 2012 5:00pm PDT
message to the government with no bureaucracy, no red tape get resources to where they are needed. >> mitt mitt romney. >> part of the american spirit. >> luckily nobody was injured reporting from the lower west side, chris welsh. >> we are seeing some unbelievable images. the destruction take a look at this picture. you are going to see a house. these both fell on this house in new jersey with these entire route system that was totally toppled over this is from jersey city. the floors are littered with items the water has receded but you can see the damage. and in nearby, hoboken and new jersey the residence at an apartment building gathered around. just one outlet for all of them with no electricity until monday. and that was hoboken. across the river, this is in brooklyn. look at the top of that car. 6 ft. of flood water. some portions of york it is proceeding at this point but look at those cars. you must think that it is unbelievable. this super storm. >>pam: id batter the east coast and even blizzards' today many of the airports it is still shut it down. dozens of flights we
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2